Thursday, January 8

Camara Case

Here's a little bag I made so my camera will survive in my purse (after one fatality). I just quilted two pieces of fabric and made a little pouch based on the sizing of the bubble wrap bag that came with the camera. I sewed binding, in quilting fashion, around the edges. It was very satisfying to make exactly what I needed, and not have to use an extra large black camera bag with straps and side pockets.

More Fabric Coasters

A few more fabric coasters, made from my favorite 4" Japanese fabric packs. They sell them at the counter of the quilt shop (City Quilter in NYC) where I love to go to on my lunch breaks. They are completely sealed up so one can only see two of the many fabrics contained inside. It's such a tease I always end up buying one. I'm planning on making an entire quilt from them (I have enough).

More Fabric Notebooks

Just a few more fabric cards. I made these using my favorite Moleskin notebooks, the small
3.5" x 5.5" variety. These ones have graph style paper.

Fingerless Gloves

Here is a little pair of fingerless gloves I made, using instructions found here ( I omitted the eyelet edging near the fingers and also made them a bit longer as I had extra yarn. I used one skein of Alchemy Yarns, Hand Painted Sanctuary, a lovely wool & silk blend.

Wednesday, January 7

Fabric Notebooks

A few notebooks I made, based on the instructions in Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Holverson (available here: For the first two, I used iron on vinyl to give them more strength. I recycled a few dead quilting ideas in the process (first: paper piecing a million purple hexagons together, third: a log cabin quilt using black & whites w/olive green centers). These measure 5.25" x 8.25".

Vintage Japanese Fabric

This fabric has lovely white sashiko style top stitching along the edges and down the center. I purchased it from Kimono Lily ( at the Brooklyn Flea Market (, which is so fabulous. It embodies everything I love about living in Brooklyn, great down to earth people living in a huge city as if it were their little neighborhood.

Embroidered Drawstring Bag

I used the instructions here : from Purl Bee for an embroidered bag, but altered it slightly. I omited the top stitching, and I used Microsoft Word for the font for the initials.

Golden Globe Vase

This is a small pot that I made. I love how "mistakes" can add to the creative process. The small bumps near the rim were added to cover a blemish and I ended up loving them.

Modern Crazy Quilt

This is the quilt born of scraps from the quilting class with Denise Schmidt. I added some black and white fabrics and used a few curved seams for interest. I quilted it in straight lines and the backing is an electric blue.