Saturday, July 9

Rooftop Gardening in Brooklyn

So, I have officially ventured into the world or rooftop gardening and it's thrilling.  It all started with a conversation with my neighbors who revealed that there was no longer a padlock on the door to our roof.  I'd been busy planting around the trees in front of my apartment, had approximately three 3'x3' plots to my name.  They were all nearly filled with flowers.  So, last week I begin rooftop gardening.

Some of the things I learned from my online research were: 
  1. Use lightweight plastic pots - or be creative with plastic waste baskets or storage
  2. Good drainage is essential
  3. Plan on watering daily
  4. Use mulch as a top layer to keep soil damp.


Sunday, May 22

Knitted Floor Cushion

This pattern is from Last Minute Knits by Joelle Holverson.  I used Lion Brand Wool Ease in Navy (which made it much less expensive).

Tuesday, April 12

Scrappy Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Close up of free motion quilting.

Baby boy quilt, a present for my cousin's first baby.

Tuesday, February 8

String Doll Quilt, Many Blues

A teeny little doll quilt for my friend's little girl, who has been known to pick up a bathmat and use it as a blankie for her doll. The squares are about 4" each.

Sunday, January 16

Antique Quilt Collection

There are a number of antique quilts at the building I work in. They are used as decoration for a few of the conference rooms. I don't have information about the history of any of them, but wanted to share.