Wednesday, September 30

NYC - View from the Subway

Portland, OR - Classical Chinese Garden

This gorgeous, authentic Chinese garden is located in Portland, OR. It was created as part of a "garden exchange program". Read more here,



Just a lovely, to me, little scene, very green and movie set looking.

Woolen Mittens

These little brown mittens were a request from a friend who wanted brown mittens suitable for snowball fights.

The yarn is Organik (70% organic merino, 15% silk, 15% baby alpaca) and it was lovely to work with, also had a nice heathery color tone, which I love.

The pattern was from a book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, purchased at Purl in Soho New York and avail online: I have used this book many, many times and would highly recommend it as it allows you to use any type of yarn you like. It feels like the step before creating your own patterns and has helped me to understand better how a pattern works.

Antique Pillow

This lovely little pillow belongs to a friend of mine. I was so taken by it that I had to share. I'm inspired by the rainbow of sophisticated colors and the time that must have been spent making it. I believe I've seen this technique (tiny protruding triangles) used as edging in quilts before, but do not know the term for it. Anyone?   Thanks you for the response, these are praire points!

Baby Boy String Quilt

This is a string quilt made entirely from scraps and string tied. It was incredibly fun to make as the process was a free form one.