Friday, April 23

Technicolor Dream Blanket

This blanket is made entirely of scraps using a knit stitch throughout. I'm holding two strands together when switching to a new yarn in order to avoid weaving in all the ends.

Amish Quilt from American Folk Art Museum

These photos are from the American Museum of Folk Art in New York City, a delightful, pint-sized museum next door to the Museum of Modern Art. This Amish quilt was made in Lancaster, PA using a traditional pattern. There are some great quilts displayed on their website that were not on display at the museum.

The picture below is a photo I snapped of a JCrew window display. Prior to being aware of Amish quilts in the style above (although, probably subliminally aware of them), I thought that this would make a great modern quilt design.

Thursday, April 22

American Folk Art Museum Quilts

These are a few quilts I saw at the American Folk Art Museum in New York, a charming and very tiny museum next door to the MOMA. The plaque next to the first quilt said that the makers name was so prominent in the quilt, because there were few ways for women to get recognition at the time. Also, labels were necessary for practical reasons as textiles were expensive.

Chartreuse Cowl

This cowl was made without a pattern. I just cast on 16" size 10.5 circular needs until full and used knit stitch throughout. It became looser/larger and I was able to wrap it around twice, which I prefer. The yarn is LB Collection Silk Mohair in Sunbeam, available here: