Wednesday, July 8

Cathedral Windows Pincushion

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Here is a little pincushion I made, my first attempt at Cathedral Window quilting. It is a time consuming process, but worth the effort for smaller projects. I have aspirations to make a white silk pillow with purple, blue & white hand dyed, almost a tie dye style, fabric "windows".

I used the book Cathedral Window Quilts: The Classic Folded Technique and a Wealth of Variations. It's well written and easy to follow. The difficulty comes from the complexity of the process, but the author has done a great job simplifying it and including step-by-step illustrations. The author is a true artist and has explored, and I believe, invented a number of variations on this technique, so there are several other great quilt patterns included. The book is available on Amazon:

Tuesday, July 7

Baby Boy Quilt

I'm afraid that this is the only rather bad photo that I have of this quilt. The dark portions turned out a bit too dark so the patterned details aren't showing up. This was a commissioned quilt, using quite a few Japanese fabrics.

Fabric Card Obsession

Here is yet another set of fabric cards. I love making them as it's such a freeing creative process, the small little cards are a non-imposing palette. I would like to someday use this method to make an entire quilt, foundation piece each square as it's own little entity and then join them together with sashings.

Wool Quilt

Here is a wool quilt I made for a friend of mine, based on her design and fabric choices. It's made from felted wool, purchased from City Quilter in NYC. I actually used a linen fabric for the backing and was worried about working with it, but it worked out fine. I also used a walking foot when piecing the quilt as the wool was quite thick, particularily the plaid squares.

Toadstool Baby Rattle

I have made so many of these, but neglected to photograph them. They are easily made from scraps of Koigu yarn (which I love to use for making the baby blanket from Stitch & Bitch, photos to come). The pattern is available from Purl Soho here:

Little Tote Bag from SEW: sew everything workshop

Here's a little tote bag I made for a little girl using a pattern from the book SEW: sew everything workshop by Diana Rupp. It was an easy pattern to follow, next time I would attach the handles on the inside for a neater look. The fabric is from the "Drawing Room" series by Anna Maria Horner.

Baby Bib

A little baby bib, made using pattern from Etsy ( The pattern was quite simple, and I loved that it included some quilting and soft batting. I was a little confused on attaching the binding, but made it work.