Thursday, June 25

Turquoise Waters Quilt

This quilt was a fabric driven quilt. A few fabrics I'd been collecting called out to me, desirous of being made into a quilt. The pattern of partial log cabin blocks, blending together of one pattern into the next, was also fabric driven. It's hand quilted, which surprisingly didn't take that long. At the moment, I prefer hand quilting to the idea of stuffing a too large quilt under my sewing machine and manoeuvring it.

My inspiration came from the book Log Cabin. I love this simple, tiny book and constantly refer back to it. It does not contain any patterns but rather, a great number of variations of Log Cabin type squares, which allows for individual creativity. I particularily like how they show a multitude of arrangements and how the design shifts when the color is varied. It's available at Amazon:

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Ann Champion said...

Your Turquoise Waters quilt is so pretty! The name suits certainly looks like water colors. :)